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Scalp Tricopigmentation

Scalp Pigmentation by Lasting Beauty Cosmetics

Scalp Pigmentation

Beard Hair simulation

Scalp pigmentation near me

Hair Pigmentation to camouflage a scar

Ladies Hairline Pigmentation

Hair loss solution's for women

What is it?

Scalp Pigmentation known as scalp micropigmentation, Tricopigmentation, hair tattoo and hair pigmentation or SMP was born back in 1998, thanks to Toni Belfatto and Ennio Orsini. Using their technique we are able to create an optical illusion of hair where no hair exists. It is a solution to solve baldness, scarring and alopecia areata. Toni Belfatto a Master traveled from Italy to the United States for the first time, to train a select group of technicians, which I was privileged and honored to be a part of.


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