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Vitiligo Camouflage Pigmentation

Vitiligo Camouflage by Lasting Beauty Cosmetics, Tammy StanekCamouflage by Tammy Stanek at Lasting Beauty Cosmetics

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What is it?

The next best thing to a cure for viltiligo
Vitiligo Pigment Camouflage treatment is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that lasts years on the skin without washing off.  It is the ultimate safe and effective treatment for vitiligo without any side effects, and it will not trigger vitiligo to spread.   The Vitiligo procedure changes lives.  While there is no vitiligo cure, there is no other form of cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation like Vitiligo Pigment Camouflage VPC.  VPC utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom blended pigment colors, and a system designed to ensure results so natural that no one can tell you ever had vitiligo.

Our clients no longer worry about vitiligo. They never have to use vitiligo cover-up makeup or concealers that don’t really match but smudge onto clothing, make a mess and wear off. Our clients never worry about what clothes to wear to cover their vitiligo. They never have to sacrifice activities that they love, due to embarrassment. Our clients feel better, become far more confident once their vitiligo is no longer visible

What happens during each Vitiligo Treatment?
Colors are custom blended for each area to match your skin tones. Pigments are of the highest quality, they are non-toxic and sourced from natural minerals. We have never had an allergic reaction to any of our products. Pigment is deposited into the white areas of the skin using Special equipment and needles that gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin. The vibration deposits pigment into the skin until the desired color is achieved. We will evaluate your skin at the beginning of each session and custom blend a color to best match your natural skin tone. Your treatment and the pigments used will be photographed and charted for future sessions and reference.

How many sessions do I need?
Multiple sessions are needed in order to seamlessly match your color. During each session, more pigment is added to the skin in thin layers gradually changing the color of the skin and blending it to your natural skin color. For our new clients typically, 4 sessions, 4 weeks apart are needed. Because some of the pigment exfoliates after each session, the series of sessions are necessary to build the color into the skin and seamlessly match your skin color.  It takes about 4 weeks after each appointment for the color to completely settle and stabilize. During each session, more pigment is added to the skin in thin layers changing the color of the skin and blending it to your natural skin color. You will see instant results after each session. Every 4 weeks you’ll return for more pigmentation until you obtain the desired results. During each session, the color is reviewed and adjustments are made if needed.
Each vitiligo camouflage treatment is unique, so the number of sessions needed to obtain the desired results will vary based on each client’s individual situation. On average 80% of our clients are color matched in 4 treatments.

What can I expect after each session?
You will see the results right away! After each session, the pigment will appear more intense and will lighten up in time for your next session where we add more pigment. After each session, the color fades less until the color is matched and blended. Your skin will be a little red and irritated between 3-10 days after each appointment. Like a sun burn. No makeup or skin care products can be used on this area for 7 days. After 7 days you can use your normal products again.

How long will it last?
VCP typically last up to 3 years on the skin if not maintained, though this varies somewhat individually. During that time, it will gradually fade. Most clients choose to maintain by coming in for a touch-up session every six months to once per year or two depending on your skin. With maintenance sessions, your vitiligo will not be seen again.

Will it hurt?
The level of discomfort varies from person to person depending on what area of the body is being camouflaged. We always use a strong topical numbing cream. 

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