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Powder brows MadisonMicroblading & Powder combination by lasting Beauty Cosmetics

Powder Eyebrows healed by Lasting Beauty CosmeticsMicroblading Eyebrows with Powdering by Lasting Beauty Cosmetics

Microblading & Powder eyebrows combination Madisonpowder Eyebrows Madison

Powder Eyebrows MadisonMicroblading and powder combonation

Powder eyebrows by lasting Beauty CosmeticsEyebrow Powdering

Microblading eyebrows by Lasting Beauty CosmeticsPowder Eyebrows Madison

Microblading MadisonLasting Beauty Cosmetics Permanent eyebrows, Microblading eyebrows.

powdering eyebrows MadisonPowder Microblading Combo Madison

 Powder eyebrowsPowder Brows Healed

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Powder brows, also known as Ombre brows or Ombre powder brows, is a semi Permanent brow technique designed to create a soft, powdered look that subtly fills in your brows similar to powder makeup.  The Powder effect is achieved with a technique using a permanent makeup machine allowing different gradients of softness to be created.

Powder Brow FAQ's - Everything You Need To Know

How Long Does It Take?

powdered and Ombre brows take around 2 hours.  This includes your consultation.

What Happens During A Powder Eyebrow Treatment?

We begin with a consultation to discuss size shape and color, taking into consideration your natural hair color, skin tone and face shape before creating a template for your new, enhanced brows.

An eyebrow template is then drawn on your face and you approve it before beginning the treatment.

We then use an electronic handpiece to fill the color in.  Afterwards your Artist will show you your new look, then apply aftercare products to soothe your skin and encourage healing.

Does The Powder Eyebrow Procedure Hurt?

We use a numbing agent so discomfort is very minimal. Throughout your eyebrow powdering treatment, your Artist will check with you to see if you are experiencing any discomfort, if so she will add additional numbing cream to keep you comfortable.

Our clients usually rate the discomfort as about 2 out of 10, if they feel any at all. 

How Long Do Tattoo Eyebrows Last?

Quite unlike tattoos, powdered brows are a Semi Permanent makeup treatment, which means they will not last forever. However, they will last 1-3 years before they begin to fade.

Will I Be Able To Go Back To Work Straight Afterwards?

Absolutely. Typically the area around your treatment may be slightly red, and you experience some flaking, but that should be the only after-effects.

Will Microblading Damage Your Natural Brows?

Truthfully, opting for technicians without the proper formal training and experience can seriously ruin your eyebrows. If the procedure is not performed properly, the eyebrow root area can become damaged preventing any further hair growth.

I have an extensive portfolio of treatments and have taken Master training courses, from some of the most respected Artist in the world. You’ll always receive state-of-the-art procedures, using the highest quality equipment and pigments.

Do You Provide Aftercare?

Yes – complimentary aftercare products are included with your treatment. 

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